Spicy Red Pepper and Spinach Burgers




Better late then never! This post should have been out last week but unfortunately I took a tumble and can’t walk at the moment! So before a small hiatus until i can move to cook you some more treats here is a wonderful alternative to hamburgers. Use this recipe as a base (and add meat) or make this into a vegetarian hamburger that is bound to impress your guests. The trick to these burgers is cookie cutters. Since we don’t use bread crumbs or meat to hold the burger together we need to rely on eggs and parmesan to do the trick.  In order to ensure the best formed burgers I suggest baking this on a cookie shoot and using metal  cookie cutters (4″) as the mold. All you need do is scoop some of your mix into these mold and pack it down with the back of a spoon. After about 20 minutes at 350F you will a perfectly cooked and spicy spinach burger. Just remember to grease the inside of the cookie cutter molds well to avoid the mixture from cooking to the sides.

Make some cashew butter buns if you want to complete the grain-free hamburger creation.

The great thing about these burgers is they make spinach super tasty for anyone. One of the biggest nutritional misconceptions is that spinach is a great source of iron.. while partially true your body isn’t exactly getting any of it. Spinach naturally contain high levels of oxaltes which are iron absorption inhibiting molecules. They bind to iron and turn it to ferrous oxalte making the iron unusable by out bodies.  Aside from this spinach is a great source of vitamins and minerals. So indulge!


Well readers hopefully be back in a few weeks when I’m up and walking again! Until then!


PDF —–> Spicy Red Pepper Spinach Burgers <—– PDF

Spicy Red Pepper Spinach Burgers


Grain-Free Cauliflower Tabouli


This past weekend I spent some time up north in cottage country with family. However, this comes with the knowledge that when my father cooks there is bound to be grains involved or at the very least some kind of pasta/bread creation. So this weekend i decided to make a huge bowl of my own spin on Tabouli. Tabouli is fairly simple traditional Levantine Arab salad.  Now traditionally one would use bulgur as the base but this is SCD illegal and as such i replaced it with cauliflower.  If you are not sure why you need only look at what bulgur is made from. It is a cereal food made from the groats of many kinds of wheats. That should be enough for you to know to avoid it!

For now try this recipe out! It’s simple and you can put whatever twist on it you like! I must point out i didn’t have fresh herbs at the cottage so my photo is lacking a bit but you get the idea! It was delicious even with the dried stuff (albeit not as great!)

-Enjoy! GC

PDF —-> Cauliflower Tabouli <—- PDF

Cauliflower Tabouli

Raw Cashew Chocolate Fudge Cheesecake


Well the summer hiatus is over. I had full intentions of posting a lot this summer but the sun got the better of me and it didn’t happen. To kick things off i thought i would start the new series off with a “cheese”cake. Before getting into it I should point out the cocoa powder is SCD illegal! Now i don’t seem to react to it but i have also been on SCD for years now… so don’t attempt this in your diet if you are unsure. This being said I will post a fully SCD vanilla lime cheesecake in the coming weeks. The basics are the same! Don’t use dairy use cashews! When they are pureed with honey and water and oil it makes a wonderful fake cheesecake. This recipe also in the realm of “raw cooking”. Now this is not something i do regularly but sometimes its fun and has some interesting flavours! The only thing to remember is with these recipes your freezer is your oven! So once this is made store your cake or mini-cakes in your freezer until you serve. Give them about 15 minutes to thaw before serving! I gave some of this cake to my sister the other week and she couldn’t tell i hadn’t use cream cheese or sugar!  So enjoy! And welcome back… to those still around! haha



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Raw Cashew Chocolate Fudge Cheesecake

Orange-Spiced Poached Bosc Pears

Poached Pear

Today readers I make my come back to this site after a long hiatus. I must apologize for the absence but it was much-needed and my other jobs demanded attention. Today I bring you back with a simple and incredible tasty dessert, poached pears.  There are a few tips to making this recipe a success which i shall impart to you now. The first is your choice of pears. I have outlined in the recipe one should choose to use Bosc pears. The reason for this is purely aesthetic in nature, they have a lovely shape with a long stem that sits well on plates. However, if you can’t get a hold of these pears any others will do, however, poaching times may very depending on how tough the fruit is.  The second tip is that you should choose a sauce pot large enough to accommodate 3-4 pears. As the pears poach in your spiced honey mixture they will become soft. If you pack the pears too tightly together or in awkward positions you may find when you check on the pears they start to “smush” together. I know that’s not a real word but I think it conveys the imagery correctly. Other then that just chill and reduce down your sauce for a lovely crowd pleasing and healthy dessert.

If you are looking add a little something to this i would suggest a garnish of figs, walnuts or toasted almonds. In addition serving this with a nice vanilla bean coconut milk ice cream would be excellent as the syrup will be warm when drizzled on the chilled pears.

I hope you enjoy it and will continue to return here to GastroChef.org now that i have started to return to my duties!



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Grain-Free Belgian Waffles

Waffles 1

The last week of Bread-Month is here to bring you a wonderful treat for the weekend!  Often one hears “Grain-free” or “Gluten-free” and debates whether or not these foods would actually taste anywhere near the classic’s they remember.

The Belgian waffle is a North American classic weekend brunch food! Despite it’s name, Belgium doesn’t actually produce a “Belgian waffle” as the America’s do. They are known for similar classics such as the “Brussels waffle” or the “Liège waffle”. These waffles are slightly harder and crisper then what most have become accustomed too. For today’s “reinvention” I have used many ingredients you can find around your house, grocery store and farmers market.  It is not only delicious and grain-free but safe for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. 

Waffle 2

If you are not familiar with coconut flour or oil I urge you to read more about it. It is not only a wonderful gluten/grain-free flour substitute but has been documented to have wonderful health benefits despite some anti-coconut stances you may find when you Google it. Back in the 1930’s Dr Weston Price found the diets of South Pacific Islanders was high in coconut and found them to be healthy and trim despite high dietary fat, furthermore heart disease was almost non-existent.  On a similar note, in 1981, researchers found in two Polynesian communities had excellent cardiovascular health and fitness primarily linked to their diets having coconut as their primary caloric energy source.

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