Kookoo Sabzi (Iran)

Today after much discussion with one of my Iranian coworkers I decided I would feature a few dishes on GastroChef popular in different communities/cultures… today’s target…. Iran.

Known for its green colour and unique flavour, kookoo sabzi is quite popular in the Persian community.  Kookoo sabzi is a Persian/Iranian style egg dish similar to a frittata or even an open-faced omelet. The great part about this dish is that it gives you a way to use up all those herbs you buy fresh and only ever need a few teaspoons of and always end up throwing away the rest.

The key ingredients for today are:

Parsley, Cilantro (aka coriander), Dill weed, chives, fenugreek and barberry.

While I have indicated relative amount of each to use in this recipe feel free to add additional greens you have lying around or simply add more of your favourite ones. This recipe like an omelet is something you can easily alter to suit your own tastes.

My only note of caution would be not to eat too much in one  sitting! With the addition of many eggs to this dish does cause it to be a little high in fat and cholesterol content, the vitamins  and mineral content however make up for this! Save it for a  weekend or as a treat! The nutritional breakdown is here!

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