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Fresh Basil pesto (SCD Friendly)

I need to first say that it has been some time since my last post and must apologize. I have been in the midst of completing a key aspect of my PhD… the dreaded comprehensive exam! I am happy to report though that I passed and am now back to my regular schedule and can start to update this blog!

With the nice weather and summer officially beginning, a fresh Basil pesto would be a good start. If you are like me you can’t get enough basil in your cooking and need to grow it all summer to meet your demands. Nothing really beats the taste of fresh basil. Use it garnish your meat dishes or as a refreshing spread.

To make this recipe the only key device is a food processor. If you don’t have one you can still use a hand blender but you will need to chop the basil slightly to avoiding clogging. As this recipe like all of them follow the SCD guidelines I have substituted walnuts for pine nuts. While pine nuts are SCD Legal as well they are tough by nature and can provide a challenge for digestion, with that in mind I have axed them from this creation.

Keep in mind this is a BASIC pesto recipe! Add some flavour to it by mixing in some sun dried tomatoes or process in your favourite veggie!


PDF———————–>Fresh Basil Pesto Recipe<—————————–PDF

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