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SCD High Protein Cookies!


For those following the SCD diet you may have realized that there is little on protein supplements you can use. As someone who is likes to go to the gym a few times a week I have been on the hunt for a good protein supplement. Not finding any I decided to create my own. The following recipe is for a basic cookie recipe that has about 10 grams of protein per cookie. Two of these are all that you need following a workout for maximum muscle repair.

Read the details here (SCD Protein Details)



PDF—————->high protein cookies<—————–PDF








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  1. These cookies look yummy! I noticed you have included flax seeds in the recipe. I thought flax seeds were not SCD legal???

    • They aren’t SCD legal but excluding them does not affect the protein content. For those not on SCD they are a good addition along with chia seeds. Try substituting them with your favourite nut like pistachios. I love these cookies and make them all the time, i generally don’t include flax for myself but do include it when making for my family as they can easily tolerate flax :)

  2. These cookies are great! Made them for my 17YO SCD-athlete-son. I switched the pumpkin for banana and excluded the raisins, cardamom, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds. This obviously could change the nutritional content but the not the yummy-ness.

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