Grilled Zucchini Pepper Wraps with SCD Lemon-Grass Aïoli

With the kids going back to school so do am I starting to continue this food blog with some new SCD friendly recipe’s I have been finding and working on over the summer. I hope to have something new every few weeks. This weekend while hunting through a magazine I came across a nice vegetable appetizer which is great tasting and quite simple to make. This recipe while slightly altered comes from the LCBO Food and Drink magazine :) Full credits to them!

The key to this recipe is not only fresh veggies but also how the zucchini is cooked. Make sure when slicing your zucchini that you slice fairly thin but not so much so that its flimsy. The goal is about 1/8 of an inch. The thicker you cut the more time you will need to grill on a lower heat to make it flexible enough to wrap.

The second part to consider is your choice of dip. While this recipe was designed with a lemon-grass aïoli I would also recommend something lighter, possibly oil based. The Aioli is quite thick and in fact this app may taste better with a little garlic/lemon/olive oil mixture drizzled over top to make it very light and fresh tasting! You decide!

I have included a recipe for an SCD friendly mayo you can use! Keep in mind that canola oil is “legal” but not recommended if you are only starting on the SCD path or still experience GI upset. I have included alternatives for both vinegar and canola in the recipe!




 Grilled Zucchini Pepper Wraps

SCD Mayo

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