Butternut Squash Latkes

Where there is a will, there is a grain free alternative. If you are like me, you miss the delicious taste and crunch of potatoes! Especially good ole’ fashion latkes! Well not to fear with a few slight adjustments you can have a great updated version. The hardest part about this recipe is in fact just cutting the squash. I personally hate cutting squash but once you slice this in half you have the option of shredding it (for this recipe), cutting it down into french fry like shapes and even chunks. If you are making fries refer back to my earlier recipe Butternut spiced chips.

Also if you are new to cutting squash! Take my advice, poor some wine, it always helps my cooking! Enjoy!


PDF—————————->Butternut Squash Latkes <————————–PDF

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  1. Oy. Just need to get yourself a fine shredder for the food processor, rather than the hand grater. If you want the end product to be even more fine than the fine shredder, you can run the already shredded squash back through the blade a 2nd time.