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Crispy slow cooked duck

If you are anything like me you like to try new dishes all the time. This past holiday season I decided to forgo the traditional turkey dinner and try my hand at Duck. Unlike turkey, duck is all dark meat with crispy skin (if done right!). Not only is this a HUGE crowd pleaser but you also don’t get that tired feeling you sometimes get from turkey, due to the inherent tryptophan present in turkey meat. The other great thing about duck is the FAT! Duck Fat retails for about $10 USD for 7oz!  Once collected the fat is good for a few weeks in the fridge or as long as you need it if kept in the freezer. Additionally, any left over duck can be used for next day appetizers!! Enjoy and share this recipe if you like it!


PDF ————-> GastroChef’s Slow Cooked Crispy Duck <——————PDF

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