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Raw vegan cheesecake with fruit puree topping

Lately I have been investigating “raw’ cooking. For those who don’t know raw cooking is essentially a way of preparing food without cooking or processing (aka no heat!). For those of you in bigger cities you may have noticed a few restaurants popping up lately catering to this such as “Rawlicious” here in Toronto. For my first attempt i decided I would go with a classic cheesecake! (For those of you who are strictly vegan substitute out the honey for your choice of sweetener)

How can someone make a vegan cheesecake?! The answer is cashews! These and of course several other nuts are used to create a wonderful chewy crust and and unique cheese layer. The addition of citrus juices and extracts help flavour the cashew cheese portion.

While some are happy with this alone as their dessert, i decided to go one step further and create a fruit puree topping with some honey to offset so many different nut flavours! Just remember in order to set these kinds of desserts you need to use the freezer to set (but not freeze!)

So go out and try something new!


PDF —————–>Vegan Cheesecake with fruit puree topping <———————PDF

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