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Bacon & Egg Brunch Cups


First off let me apologize to any of my vegetarian, vegan and super healthy foodies out there because there is nothing healthy or meat free about this brunch treat I made today. Today I present to you bacon cups with a sweet almond flour base with a cooked egg in the middle! This is extremely simple and makes all your meat-eating brunch guests drool. Or if you are like me, you make these for yourself saturday morning and then go to the gym for an hour after.

The base for this cup is optional and works just as well sans almond flour base. Just make sure that your eggs are cooked well before you remove this from the oven. I will sometimes cook these at 350 for about 15 minutes rather than the suggested 400 for 7-10. I find sometimes the lower temperature for longer times will help better cook the bacon and almond base! Experiment and enjoy! Keep in mind though that these are extremely tasty…. bake with caution and possibly a gym membership in hand.



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PDF —————————->Breakfast Bacon CupsBreakfast Bacon Cups <——————————–PDF

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  1. Mmmm…looks good! To make this SCD friendly…I’m going to try and substitute the maple syrup (not SCD legal) with honey.

    • Thanks Judith! I had been adapting a recipe for the base this AM and for some reason forgot to make that change despite the fact i used honey! haha. Never blog before your morning coffee! For those who can have maple syrup i bet its great! :) Let me know how they turn out for you!

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