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Butternut squash and carrot mash


This past week a friend and I decided to experiment with some new fun and what turned out to be delicious foods. The first of them is today’s post, a wonderful and creamy butternut squash and carrot mash. As a kid I remember my sister eating mounds and mounds of mashed potatoes, my parents couldn’t keep up with her. Personally, I was never that big of a fan, and now, well i can’t eat them! This creation however is not only healthy, but is safe for anyone on gluten-free diets, SCD or just want to find an alternative to potatoes to please the masses! This is also the kind of dish you can make in advance of any meal and heat on the stove when its time to serve. Give it a try, and let me know what you think of it!!

Just remember in terms of prep time you will need about an hour for the squash to bake in the oven to soften it enough to make it a mash. If you are unsure of how to bake the squash refer to this picture below as reference! Make sure you scoop out the seeds before baking!!

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PDF ———————->Butternut squash and carrot mash  <———————PDF


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  1. My little girl will love this. She loves squash and carrots. Yum!

  2. Yeah bookmaking this wasn’t a bad determination outstanding post!

  3. TWELVE tsp of cumin? Really?

  4. Haha 1/2 tsp. 12 would make for an interesting dish though!!

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