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Lemon garlic spinach pesto with zucchini angel hair pasta

For those of you living grain-free, on the SCD, or just trying to cut out carbs/pasta today’s recipe will fit the bill. I introduce to you another raw food creation! Since spring has not yet fully arrived here in Toronto I can’t grow my own basil to make fresh pesto every week so I decided to substitute that with spinach! I sometimes find I buy way more than I plan to eat so why not make a pesto from it!

The trick to this recipe is the pasta! You have two options here. The first is to go out and buy a handy spiral slicer for $30 CAD.  These are available at most health food places or you can order one online at most retailers! They are great and will definitely come in handy!  The second option which I have done before is to Julienne the zucchini very finely. This will take longer but at the end of the day you will have zucchini noodles you can use! The rest of this recipe is as simple as tossing your pesto with the noodles, garnishing with some fresh cherry tomatoes and cilantro and serve!



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PDF —————>Lemon Garlic Spinach Pesto with Zucchini Angel Hair Pasta<—————PDF

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