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Butternut squash and bacon breakfast casserole

Just in time for the weekend I bring you another great brunch treat! Last weekend I looked around for something I could make to bring more brunch options to those looking for grain-free treats that were friendly for SCD. Most of what I found used potatoes and bread products, so i decided to make some substitutions and create this casserole with a butternut squash base!

The key to this casserole turning out right is parboiling the squash so that it comes out soft but not mush soft. Start with boiling it for about 10 minutes and test the squash until it becomes tender. After cooking all the ingredients together put it in an oven proof dish and sprinkle the cooked bacon over top. Use a spook and create little craters that cracked eggs will be able to sit in. I used three for this recipe but add more if you are feeding a big family or group! Paprika makes this casserole have a nice kick to it but feel free to leave that out if you are sensitive to spice. Finally make sure you have a nice cup of tea or pot of coffee brewing because once everyone wakes up they will demolish this casserole!



PDF ————–>Butternut squash and bacon breakfast casserole<—————-PDF






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  1. I’m confused by parts of your recipe. The ingredient list calls for parsley but the directions say garlic. I’m thinking it must be garlic, not parsley? Also, what do you mean by slice onions in half quarts? Also, why do you need to add oil when you already have so much bacon fat in the pan?

    • Sorry about the confusion. Garlic should be on the ingredient list, 3-6 cloves, minced. Parsley is there for garnish post baking. You can add more or less garlic depending on your preference. However, even if you left both out it would still taste great.

      Extra oil is sometimes needed after cooking bacon depending on the kind you have. A good quality bacon should have little fat and as such there won’t be enough in the pan to fry up everything. If you get a cheaper cut with lots of fat, the extra oil can be left out if you find you are left with lots. As a rule of thumb I always suggest going to the butcher to get your bacon rather than grocery store bought due to the preservatives. Keep in mind though that you shouldn’t be cooking the bacon until the point its crispy. This casserole is being baked so you want to leave some fat in the bacon to come out during the baking process.

      As per cutting onions, cut them however you wish, i suggest cutting your onion into quarters first (4) and then chopping it. Again, nothing set in stone just cut however you see fit.

      • Follow up: I made this for brunch this morning, and my husband and I both LOVED it! He said it’s a real keeper, and I agree. I did use the garlic (no parsley) and I just rough chopped the onions. I used no oil, and about a tablespoon, maybe a little less, of the bacon fat. I think I need a better cut of bacon, but dang it was good. Thanks for a fantastic recipe!

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