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Spiced beef stuffed apples

Spicy beef + sweet apples = delicious! After trying out some stuffed apple pie cups I couldn’t resist trying another stuffed apple recipe. Today’s dish a simple dish that will please the masses. For this recipe you will need to make in advance to things. The first is the All purpose Seasoning! This is fun original seasoning that is very versatile and can be used with many entrée’s! The second thing you will need to make in advance if you haven’t already is some chicken broth. In this recipe i refer to it as “SCD legal”. By that I simply mean that you need to make it at home to ensure no additional additives or preservatives have been added which can cause upset to those strictly following diets such as SCD. Plus home-made chicken broth is rich with flavour and easy to do! Just make sure to save your extra chicken bones and fat! You can keep them all in the freezer until ready to make some stock!



PDF —————————>Spicy beef stuffed apples<—————————–PDF

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