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Grain/sugar-free banana walnut bread

Well I’m very  excited to announce that GastroChef has now entered the worlds of Facebook and Twitter! You can find us on Facebook by clicking here or on the sidebar of this site and you can follow us on twitter @Gastro_Chef. Help spread the word and share this site with anyone you know who may be looking for new healthy foods/alternatives, following a specific lifestyle diet or just wants to spice things up in the kitchen! Many more exciting updates are coming for GastroChef so stay tuned!

On to business! Today’s post is for my sister! I got a message not to long from her asking me to see if could make a banana bread that was better for you then the traditional one that is full of sugar and all-purpose flour. Working with some other recipes I’ve done I put together this simple and delicious grain/sugar-free bread. I gave a few friends a sample and they couldn’t stop eating it! I will take that as a success!

My only advice for this recipe is in regards to the crumble. If calories are something you are very concerned about (which you shouldn’t be if your eating healthy) you can eliminate the crumble. When you mix the crumble ingredients you will find it to be very thick and hard to work with. Use a fork and gently and slowly spoon the crumble on top of the batter until you cover the middle 3/4 of the load. When baking, if you find your oven is too hot and burning the crumble cover the load with foil while it fishes cooking. Alternatively if you want a softer crumble mix soak the walnut overnight before using them for this recipe.



PDF ———————>Grain-free banana walnut bread<———————-PDF

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  1. this looks great, can’t wait for you to make it when you are here.

    Love mom

  2. This is an amazing recipe – can’t get enough of it!

  3. It should be 1/4 cup coconut oil! There was a type on the recipe

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