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Rawlicious fruit puree macaroons

This past weekend I had some great ideas! The first was to create macaroons for every diet. Really this just meant I needed a raw version and a non-raw version which had no sugar. Today I present to you raw fruit puree macaroons. These are fairly simple and have a great fruit bite to them! For each batch you need to add 1/2 cup of your choice of pureed fruit! Feel free to add whatever spices you may think will work! You will need a dehydrator or an oven on very low to dehydrate out the mixture to make the shapes! The thicker the spread the longer it will need to dehydrate so plan ahead! Also if you follow a vegan diet replace the honey with your choice of sweetener that will accommodate you!

Fill the macaroons with your choice of fresh sugar-free jam or left over puree! Sometime this summer I will hopefully come back again with a sugar-free version of the classic french macaroon! I have been tweaking this recipe and I think I am half way there! Lots more to come foodies! Enjoy! – GC

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PDF————->Raw fruit and coconut macaroons<———–PDF

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