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Grain/sugar free morning glory muffins

The other week it came to my attention I hadn’t added much to the “muffin” section in a while and there were a few foodies out there looking for a substitute for the traditional morning-glory muffin that is grain/sugar-free. Well here it is folks. This is a nice and hearty  muffin great for the morning.

One caveat to this recipe! I didn’t add any honey into this mix but if you like a bit of sweetness, which i do try adding about 1/4-1/2 cup of unpasteurized honey.  If you decide to leave this out, you will find the mix a little bitter. Plus unpasteurized honey has so many great health benefits to impart!! So go out and try this and feel free to add any other nuts or veggies or even fruit to the mix to make it better!


PDF ———————–>Morning Glory Muffins<—————————PDF

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