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Grain/Sugar-Free Pineapple Coconut Bread

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I was hoping to have this post out much sooner but unfortunately I have been slacking a bit here! Better late then never I hope?? I recently stumbled upon a sale on fresh pineapple at the store and of course bought a bunch! In an effort to use the pineapple for something other than one giant binge eating meal… So I decided to try it out in some mock-sweet breads. Not only is pineapple delicious but good for you! The reason… Bromelain.

Bromelain is whats called a proteolytic enzyme which is naturally found in the Stem, juice and fruit of fresh pineapple.  It is essentially a mixture of protein-digesting enzymes, for this reason many people use pineapple nice as a meat tenderizer since it will break down protein and soften up your meat!

For us GI-upset sufferers bromelian has been shown to have many positive effects on the body. The most important is its ability to reduce what are called “pro inflammatory cytokines and chemokines”. These pro inflammatory compounds are what are actually attacking the GI-tract in those who suffer from colonic inflammation or conditions such as ulcerative colitis. While much of this research has been shown in mice and cell cultures the research does hold promise and I will hopefully add a full scientific review on pineapples and bromelian to this site in the near future!

PDF ————–>Pineapple Coconut Bread <—————–PDF

A Quick Scientific Reference! 

Onken JE, Greer PK, Calingaert B, Hale LP (March 2008). “Bromelain treatment decreases secretion of pro-inflammatory cytokines and chemokines by colon biopsies in vitro”Clin. Immunol. 126 (3): 345–52

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  1. Looks yummy! Baking powder is not SCD legal. Do you think substituting baking soda for it would work?

    • It will work because thats what i used! Sorry about the typo! Something about blogging when exhausted after work does not always pan out as perfectly as you might think! I just fixed the files! This is why i need an editor! lol. Thanks Judith!

  2. do you think i could leave out the yogurt? have yet to experiment with other yogurts like goat, sheep or even coconut, but definitely still am affected by cow’s milk being lactose intolerant and all.

    • Yup you can definitely leave out the yogurt from this. With this recipe make sure you strain your pineapple well, the more liquid the longer it will need to bake.

      If you are concerned about lactose try making your own yogurt at home and allow it to culture for 24-48 hours to remove almost all the lactose. Alternatively any recipe the calls for yogurt you can use coconut milk which is lactose free.

      Hope this helps!

  3. When cooking with coconut flour, I find the “pan” details are uber important! Can you tell me what “type” of pan (metal or glass) you used…as well as what “size” (i.e. 8 x 5)? Thanks!

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