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Sugar-Free Italian Pistachio Cookies

Well it has been about a month, but I am finally back to it! After spending some time in Montreal and Curacao for work and pleasure I have a new slate of ideas for the summer months.  While in Curacao, I experimented around with today’s post and had the lovely ladies of the “British Ladies Club of Curacao” test batch one. After making a few changes here it is! The only trick to today’s recipe is you need to make your own pistachio flour! Which is really simple. Just buy a bag of already hulled pistachios and pop them into the blender or coffee grinder and turn them into a well ground powder! Bam! Easy! The only other tip I offer is that expect this dough to be very moist! So be prepared to get your hands dirty when you start rolling out your cookies! This recipe also only has 1/4 cup of honey making them not terribly sweet, however, because of the natural flavour of pistachio you may want to reduce the honey to only 2 Tbsp if you find these too sweet.

Another reason I made these was for the nutritional value pistachios add! Pistachios are an excellent source of copper, manganese and phosphorus! They also offer about 20% of your daily requirement of vitamin B6! One serving of pistachios also offer about 12% of your daily requirement for fibre, that’s twice the amount we find in walnuts and roughly the same value you would get if you ate oatmeal.  Finally, not to talk up these nuts too much, but according to the USDA oxygen radical absorbance capacity database, pistachios have an antioxidant capacity of 7983 Trolox Equivalents per/100 grams, making them one of the highest antioxidant rich snack nuts!

PDF ———————->Italian pistachio cookies<———————PDF

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