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Pipian Mole Verde (Green Pumpkin Seed Mole)


One of the defining creations of Oaxacan kitchens is the flavorful, spicy and aromatic mole. There are 7 traditional mole’s that are made and named according to the ingredients and colour they form. These mole’s include;


Mole Negro  (black)

Mole Rojo (red)

Mole Amarillo (yellow)

Mole Verde (green)

Mole Chichilo (red)

Mole Coloradito (red)

Mole Manchamantel (yellow)

Today i wanted to share one of the mole’s which is not only delicious but safe and legal to most diets (Paleo, Specific carbohydrate, GERDS, etc). If you find you are sensitive to spices you may want to consider cutting down on the jalapeno’s and a few more greens. I have listed a few optional ingredients you can use in this mole to add more flavour and to make it unique. This mole is itself great as a dip, perhaps with some grain-free sun dried tomato and basil crackers (link here) or simply as a sauce to be used over chicken or if vegan/vegetarian over a nice serving of steamed veggies! I hope you enjoy this as much as I have!

PDF ———————–>Pipian Mole Verde<———————-PDF

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  1. oh this looks delicious!! love the colors! i’m so glad i found your blog! thanks for sharing:)

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