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Thai Inspired Kiwi Salsa

What better way to enjoy this wonderful hot summer weather than with some fresh Thai inspired kiwi salsa for your meals. This is not only a simple but unique side dish that is bound to delight the taste buds and curiosity of your guests. Using a similar method to what we did with the Red Pepper & Mango Salad we can create simple fruit salsa. The key to these tasting great is using only the freshest of ingredients.

First, the kiwi. The kiwi’s you buy should still be slightly firm to the touch. If you find the kiwi’s to be rather ripe and soft, they will not hold form and allow you to chop them properly, this will lead to a big kitchen  mess with a tasty but unappealing product. Secondly, make sure you buy your cilantro as close to the day you wish to prepare the dish or cut fresh the morning of from you garden. Cilantro is an incredibly easy herb to grow and can be used in almost every meal! If you leave cut cilantro in your fridge too long or sitting on your counter not in water the herbs will wilt and become soft and again just not an ideal texture to work with.

Finally, the honey in this recipe can be increased depending on how tart you find your kiwi’s to be. In this recipe it serves two purposes. The first is to slightly offset the natural tartness of the kiwi but not make the salsa sweet. Second, unpasteurized honey acts as a natural anti-microbicide & fungicide allowing a fresh fruit salsa to keep much longer then it would have without. Often I will either add honey or a splash of vodka to fruit salads to keep the cut fruits fresh longer and prevent the fruit from going off to quickly. Raspberries are the worst for growing fungus early! (seen as a white change in texture).

 Recipe PDF —–> Thai Inspired Kiwi Salsa <—– Recipe PDF

Some Fun Kiwi Facts

  1. Rich in vitamin C (twice as much as oranges)
  2. High in vitamin E, Folic Acid, Potassium
  3. Source of carotenoid lutein (can help prevent age-related deterioration of eye sight)
  4. High in antioxidants and phytochemicals
  5. Helps improve immune system function
  6. Kiwi’s help reduce oxidative damage
  7. Helps relieve bloated feeling after meals


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