Moroccan Spiced Lamb Burgers

What better way to enjoy your summer then with some easy, yet gourmet burgers! Today’s burgers are not only simple but add a unique spice kick to your everyday bbq favorites! The key here is a Moroccan spice rub you coat the burgers with. This rub is fairly simple using common kitchen spices. One spice, however, is less common, that being Garam Masala. If you frequent any grocery stores or towns with a large south indian population you may luck out and find a jar of this pre-made. However, for everyone else I have included here my own recipe to make the spice at home. Making Garam Masala at home ensure first that only quality spices and herbs are used, and secondly that no additional preservatives or additives have been added. While you can just combine all the ingredients and shake, I have added in an extra step to roast most of the ingredients. This roasting step helps bring out the flavours of the spices, while I recommended this, you can get away without it.

When serving these burgers I would recommend garnishing them with a fruit salsa which helps offset the spicy burger taste (Thai-Mango salsa) and also gives it that gourmet touch. I like to serve these on some home-made grain-free cashew based burger buns. I will be sharing this recipe in the upcoming weeks.

I apologize to my vegetarian and vegan readers for this meat heavy post this week! Never fear lots more vegetarian and vegan options are on the way!!


RECIPE PDF –>Moroccan Spiced Lamb Burgers<– RECIPE PDF

 RECIPE PDF ->GastroChef’s Garam Masala <- RECIPE PDF

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