Sugar/Grain-Free Key Lime Pie

 No sugar, no grains but a ton of that wonderful key lime flavour many of us grew up with! Today’s post came by request from one of GastroChef’s Facebook followers. If you haven’t joined our Facebook pages yet nows the time, go ahead and click the “Like” box on the sidebar. While trying to put together the ingredients for this recipe I struggled with how exactly to hold together the pie without it becoming a sloppy mess. After reviewing my list of legal/illegal foods I was reminded that unflavored gelatin is acceptable in the diet.

Gelatin is essentially a mixture of peptides and proteins produced by partially breaking the bonds of collagen (This holds us together!!) that has been extracted from various animal sources.The broken down collagen is now in a form that not only rearranges easily but is liquid when heated and solid when cooled!

Now to get the creamy pie filling consistency an avocado was used as we have used before, along with the standard ingredients we expect in key lime pie with some obvious substitutes. I find limes to be quite tart so i have used just under 1/2 cup honey to sweeten the pie, feel free to use less and taste test until you reach your preference.

Key Limes Vs. Persian Limes

Many have asked what the difference between these limes is and whether you actually need key limes. The basic answer is there is not a ton of difference besides taste. Key limes when grown to maturity actually turn a yellow colour, however, the green or immature limes are sold due to their prized acidity which diminishes as the fruit ripens. If you were to make two pies, one with key limes and one with regular limes you would find the one with standard limes to be slightly more tart and probably needing more honey to off set this. Other than this don’t expect huge differences. I would recommend however to use freshly squeezed juice instead of store-bought juice as the store-bought stuff has a slightly different flavour due to the preservatives used and how long it has been sitting. I personally find a much improved test when i juice the limes myself, however time-consuming it may be.

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