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Pumpkin pie with an almond pistachio crust (Sugar & Grain-Free)

 For anyone who loves to bake, Autumn is synonymous with pumpkin flavour. Pumpkin pie for most is an absolute requirement for thanksgiving and holiday feasts! In an effort to create a healthy grain/sugar-free pie I have been playing around with ingredients. The first attempt sadly turned out horrible and lacked flavour, however, when experimenting with sugar and grain free desserts this is bound to happen here and there.

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For today’s pie, I’ve made a crust using a variety of ground nuts. For some, almond flour will be enough but if you want to add a bit of flavour try any combination of ground nuts.  Instead of the traditional pie pan I decided to bake these pies in extra-large muffin pans with wrappers and remove the wrappers once the pie’s had baked and cooled. To ensure the pie holds its shape I added 1 Tbsp of gelatine. For this reason, the pies must be cooled completely before they can be removed from the wrapper and served.

Finally, for those health minded bakers out there, never fear, pumpkin is wonderful for the body. The beta-carotene present in the flesh from pumpkin has anti-inflammatory properties which with regular consumption can help provide relief from inflammatory driven conditions like colitis, arthritis, etc. The rest of the benefits are numerous including high levels of vitamin A, C, magnesium, potassium, zinc and high levels of dietary fibre.

Recipe PDF —>Pumpkin Pie with a Pistachio:Almond Crust <— Recipe PDF


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  1. hi I have a quick question, I recently received a SIBO diagnosis so Im following the SCD protocol but on the legal/illegal list it says canned pumpkin is illegal. Just curious as to why and if you knew. I dont think the one I have has any added ingredients. I read all labels and typically cook everything fresh but sometimes just nice to have the help of a can pumpkin.

    thanks for any info

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