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Cauliflower Risotto with leek and bacon (Rice-Free)

Risotto, a classic italian dish is usually made with rice cooked in a broth and butter to form a creamy consistency. For a classic risotto dish one would choose a rice high in starch, however, here at GastroChef, we not only avoid starch products but also anything containing high levels of lactose, sugar or grains.

In order to make a risotto we decided to use cauliflower and process it until it resembled small grains. Now as you can see from the picture you can tell the difference between the rice and cauliflower versions, taste on the other hand is out of this world for our dish. Not only does it taste great with so many flavours, there is no starch you need worry about, so dig in.

To add extra flavor to the risotto I first cooked up some fresh bacon and leek to bring out all the flavours and then cooked the minced cauliflower with them in a broth base. A chicken or vegetable broth is acceptable (each brings its own unique flavor). Finally to get a bit of a creamy consistency I added in a bit of a coconut milk. Just before serving, stir in freshly grated parmesan and sprinkle some on top with chives and herbs to garnish!



PDF —-> Cauliflower and leek risotto<—- PDF

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  1. How can I possibly thank you enough for making risotto a possibility for me once again?…This was a simply spectacular recipe…one appreciated by my entire family…who actually preferred this version to the “regular” version …When asked why…they simply said…”it’s lighter..not so heavy” going on to explain that this left more room for the ossobucco part of the meal!!…

    I found your blog but minutes ago through a google search on nutritional yeast…was instantly impressed/obsessed with your food philosophy and recipes…We are most definitely on the same page!

    Creative…stimulating …nutritious, grain-free…yet MasterChef quality cuisine found HERE…Merci encore.

    Avid, new fan in France….

    • Merci beaucoup Donna! I love to hear comments like this and am delighted your family enjoyed the mock risotto and you were able to enjoy a risotto once again :). Hopefully I there will be many more dishes you find here and in future posts that will delight your family! Glad to have a new fan in France 😀

      • Merci à vous…and now, I am in the midst of preparing your exquisite recipe for pumpkin pie with almond pistachio crust..So happy to “camp” and “swim” in this Ali Baba’s cave of culinary creativity!…

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