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Orange-Spiced Poached Bosc Pears

Poached Pear

Today readers I make my come back to this site after a long hiatus. I must apologize for the absence but it was much-needed and my other jobs demanded attention. Today I bring you back with a simple and incredible tasty dessert, poached pears.  There are a few tips to making this recipe a success which i shall impart to you now. The first is your choice of pears. I have outlined in the recipe one should choose to use Bosc pears. The reason for this is purely aesthetic in nature, they have a lovely shape with a long stem that sits well on plates. However, if you can’t get a hold of these pears any others will do, however, poaching times may very depending on how tough the fruit is.  The second tip is that you should choose a sauce pot large enough to accommodate 3-4 pears. As the pears poach in your spiced honey mixture they will become soft. If you pack the pears too tightly together or in awkward positions you may find when you check on the pears they start to “smush” together. I know that’s not a real word but I think it conveys the imagery correctly. Other then that just chill and reduce down your sauce for a lovely crowd pleasing and healthy dessert.

If you are looking add a little something to this i would suggest a garnish of figs, walnuts or toasted almonds. In addition serving this with a nice vanilla bean coconut milk ice cream would be excellent as the syrup will be warm when drizzled on the chilled pears.

I hope you enjoy it and will continue to return here to now that i have started to return to my duties!



PDF—–> Orange Spiced Poached Pears <—– PDF

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