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Grain-Free Cauliflower Tabouli


This past weekend I spent some time up north in cottage country with family. However, this comes with the knowledge that when my father cooks there is bound to be grains involved or at the very least some kind of pasta/bread creation. So this weekend i decided to make a huge bowl of my own spin on Tabouli. Tabouli is fairly simple traditional Levantine Arab salad.  Now traditionally one would use bulgur as the base but this is SCD illegal and as such i replaced it with cauliflower.  If you are not sure why you need only look at what bulgur is made from. It is a cereal food made from the groats of many kinds of wheats. That should be enough for you to know to avoid it!

For now try this recipe out! It’s simple and you can put whatever twist on it you like! I must point out i didn’t have fresh herbs at the cottage so my photo is lacking a bit but you get the idea! It was delicious even with the dried stuff (albeit not as great!)

-Enjoy! GC

PDF —-> Cauliflower Tabouli <—- PDF

Cauliflower Tabouli

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