Spicy Red Pepper and Spinach Burgers




Better late then never! This post should have been out last week but unfortunately I took a tumble and can’t walk at the moment! So before a small hiatus until i can move to cook you some more treats here is a wonderful alternative to hamburgers. Use this recipe as a base (and add meat) or make this into a vegetarian hamburger that is bound to impress your guests. The trick to these burgers is cookie cutters. Since we don’t use bread crumbs or meat to hold the burger together we need to rely on eggs and parmesan to do the trick.  In order to ensure the best formed burgers I suggest baking this on a cookie shoot and using metal  cookie cutters (4″) as the mold. All you need do is scoop some of your mix into these mold and pack it down with the back of a spoon. After about 20 minutes at 350F you will a perfectly cooked and spicy spinach burger. Just remember to grease the inside of the cookie cutter molds well to avoid the mixture from cooking to the sides.

Make some cashew butter buns if you want to complete the grain-free hamburger creation.

The great thing about these burgers is they make spinach super tasty for anyone. One of the biggest nutritional misconceptions is that spinach is a great source of iron.. while partially true your body isn’t exactly getting any of it. Spinach naturally contain high levels of oxaltes which are iron absorption inhibiting molecules. They bind to iron and turn it to ferrous oxalte making the iron unusable by out bodies.  Aside from this spinach is a great source of vitamins and minerals. So indulge!


Well readers hopefully be back in a few weeks when I’m up and walking again! Until then!


PDF —–> Spicy Red Pepper Spinach Burgers <—– PDF

Spicy Red Pepper Spinach Burgers


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  1. Hi,

    May you have a speedy and comfy healing.

    re: burgers: I wonder if rather than many 4# well greased cookie molds, these would do well in a well greased muffin- top baking pan. Muffin top pans tend to also be 4″.
    An excuse to buy one of these muffin top pans!


    • Thats a great idea! Those should work too! These don’t rise so whatever pan you bake it in will be the shape it takes! Just make sure you grease it well so it doesn’t get stuck to the inside of the pan!

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