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Orchard Bars (Vegan)

Rating: 4 / 5

Target Audience: Healthy Vegans / vegetarians/ children / Gluten-intolerant (celiacs)

SCD Friendly: No

Pros: High protein (5g/bar) / Gluten Free / Dairy Free

Cons: Cane Syrup (sugar) / Tapioca Syrup (starch) / Soy

Today at GastroChef we received a package of new product called “Orchard Bar” to evaluate and critique for you lovely folks. We have just started this review section to hopefully provide a source of information on new products geared towards those on SCD/Paleo diets, celiacs, vegetarians and vegans. Please keep in mind that not all products here will be SCD friendly and we will let you know which are!

First lets start with the ingredients from their Banana Mango & Macadamia bar:

Fruit juice from concentrate (organic apple), Mango, banana, organic apple flake, organic evaporated cane syrup, organic tapioca syrup, nutmeats (macadamia, cashews, brazil nuts), seeds (sunflower, flax), soy protein nuggets (soy protein isolate, tapioca starch, salt), fruit pectin, citric acid, natural flavours, sodium citrate, salt, ascorbic acid, vitamin E


After reviewing the ingredient list the only ingredients that stuck out to me as a follower of the SCD diet were the cane syrup, tapioca and soy. While soy can be debated whether it is good or bad, as a general rule I avoid it. Cane syrup and tapioca are harder to digest as tapioca is a starch and again as a rule, I avoid these as well. However, the negatives aside, I do think these bars have some great points worth highlighting. These bars are loaded with fruits, nuts and protein which everyone needs more of. On top of that these bars have very little additives and preservatives to speak of, making them very appealing. Furthermore, these bars are competitively priced at $1.59 – $1.99. In conclusions I give these bars a 4/5 as I think they are great snacks for children as well as healthy (no GI upset) vegans and vegetarians. I had a few friends taste some and the resounding conclusions was these bars were indeed quite tasty and would make a great afternoon snack.

Find more information on Orchard Bars at:


Twitter: @OrchardBar


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