About the diet

Whether you are looking to maintain a better state of GI health or looking help treat issues such as irritable bowl syndrome, chrones, ulcerative colitis, etc. the specific carbohydrate diet may be for you.

The Rules

  1. No sugar (Use honey instead)
  2. No grains/starches
  3. No Lactose (Avoid dairy products unless they are low in lactose
  4. No preservatives (No store made frozen dinners!)
  5. No soy based products (evidence suggest it may not be healthy for you)
  6. No Gluten
Many people ask after hearing this what they can have!!
Fruits, Vegetables, Meat, Nuts!
This diet while restrictive gives you the opportunity to try out many new foods and alternatives such as using coconut or almond flours to make your muffins and pancakes and baked goods.

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